Fans 'Slide Into Summer' to Win a Dream Vacation Getaway!

Joylandi 7-Iyn, 2021
It’s officially summer, so Ellen gave two lucky fans a chance to win a dream vacation in a new game called “Slide into Summer”! Watch as the two answer trivia questions in hopes of winning a 3-night Stay at Kalahari Resorts, home to America’s largest indoor waterpark resorts!

Brought to you by: Kalahari Resorts


  • Love you Ellen...

  • No one loses on the Ellen show!! So wish I could be there

  • After I finish watching I typed how many children does Ellen have

  • Ellen, I believe it's an distress call from President Joe Biden.

  • Ellen Check everyone's duties. I didn't see that one coming. The native American one. I throught joe biden blocked it from happening. Trump is all off line. I would of known. Ellen was talking to me all the time. Tai lopez is showing his new person. Cardone is talking to me. Justin Timberlake is having something with swiss beats. It couldn't of been me or my people we are $0 dollars remember, welfare, jobs & so on. India is going through covid19. The royals well They throught Prince Harry was trying to seize the throne from the family. It's not them. It's not me. I only want Hollywood, mentorship, actor, singer, youtuber. It's not logan Paul or Jake Paul. It's not baba. It's not birds of Tokyo.

  • Omg hiii

  • Pammy wants to win.

  • I would love to win this!!!

  • Love you Ellen 🏝

  • I would love to win this 😍

  • Huge fan love watching the show!

  • Love u ellen

  • She actually knew she get too we know Ellen 💞

  • Big fan from Pakistan

  • Ellen lit go to Palm pitch 😊🤣

  • I'm in a heatwave

  • *Love you ellen*

  • ❤️

  • First of all, I think every game show should involved Trip like THIS, except WHEEL of fortune.

  • I really love you Ellen

  • It should be a huge scandal To wear socks with sandals Much more of a scandal that anything Ellen has ever done

  • Love u Ellen!

  • a vacation.. right now? during this time? 😅 be careful of yourselves and those around you, even strangers y'all. We all have our health to look after, and you don't know who's medically vulnerable ♡

  • Hi ellen

  • Arancia

  • Big fan from india

  • Omg!

  • First!