Handsome Animal Care Officer Helped Get Shelter Attention

Joylandi 6-Iyl, 2021
Guest host Beth Behrs chatted with animal care officer Zack Majewski and his boss Nicki Bacon, who help run a municipal animal shelter in Wichita Falls, Texas. Nicki explained how in an effort to get more animals adopted, she posted a photo of Zack and his favorite shelter dog, and the picture went viral after people started noting how handsome Zack is! To send some love to al the animals in the adoption program, Beth surprised them with pet toys and accessories, thanks to Shutterfly!

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  • Bruh that’s like 5 minutes away from me

  • its sad this got attention only because he is hot

  • OMG! Give him time to blush atleast, you people 😂

  • This is my town. The post really blew up and the comments didn't dissapoint.

  • We’ll i just figured out where I’m volunteering. A 5 hour and 23 minute comité one way is totally doable for a good cause of course.

  • Really i appreciate all what these 2 kind folks are doing for Animal take care. However,i am questioning myself and my question is also for Animal Right watch committee,if by mischance,you find yourself in any forrest in front of carnivorous animal,can you believe that he will start to develop any kind of Human Right Watch theory or he will go directly for this nice banquet but he will still be considered merciful towards the human specie by keeping our bones for UFOS

  • I live there, good to know there's good people working with the animals here :)

  • I’m sorry but I got distracted by Beth. Caroline we miss you! ❤️

  • Time is Gold. Time to save water. Water will definitely be need it for the future.

  • Anyone from Wichita Falls proud 😂😂

  • The Ellen show is the best...

  • Hey, that’s my hometown! 🤣

  • How about donating money for vet care to this place. Save the life's. They can play later.

  • He’s cute and humble about it

  • Omg I talked to him 🤣😍😍😅

  • I live in Wichita and would love to go on a date with him!

  • He's that cute and he loves animals too...omgeee lol

  • End the show already.

  • I want to see other types of handsome people, theres a plenty of lookalikes who are just copys, I love animals

  • I bet mamas like " yeah I know , he's my boy. My handsome.!". So adorable, Id feel the same about my kids when ppl complement them 💖💖

  • Hi ellen

  • They are doing such a nice job..plus he really is cute 😂❤️

  • I remember this!! 😂😂

  • Nice work taking care of animals👏🏻👏🏻