Jimmie Allen's Nerve-Wracking, Full-Circle Moment on 'American Idol'

Joylandi 8-Iyl, 2021
Jimmie Allen talked with guest host tWitch about auditioning for "American Idol" and being cut after making the top 40. He recently returned to perform as a country star in his own right, and although it was a full-circle moment, he admitted he still felt like he was being judged and that they were going to send him home again! The singer also talked about what it felt like to be the first Black artist to win the ACM New Male Artist of the Year Award, and shared about his inspirational children's book, "My Voice Is a Trumpet."


  • His response to the reaction on first black artist to win country award. NO LIVES MATTER UNTIL WE ALL DO

  • Wasn't Charlie Pride the first African American in Country music to receive this honor?

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  • American Idol PTSD. Hilarious.😂

  • Darius Rucker should have won that "title" awhile ago!

    • He was already established at the time he switched genres and put out a country album so I don't think he was have qualified as a "new artist"

  • "You make time for what's important to you" Facts

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