Joshua Radin Performs 'You're My Home'

Joylandi 10-Iyn, 2021
One of Ellen's favorite artists, Joshua Radin, takes the stage to perform “You’re My Home” from his album “The Ghost and the Wall.”


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  • Yes such a great song! But I always know Joshua Radin always gives us the good stuff

  • Another great performance from the Ellen show...

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  • Nice

  • the video is really good and great

  • Amazing so well sung❤️😘

  • :) Ellen I love you so much.

  • Hi ellen

  • Everybody , welcome home🌹🌹

  • This is such a beautiful song, I still remember him singing at ellen and portia's wedding

  • Ah, Josh! So good to see you. 😊

  • Oh what a magical song

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  • Hi I am from Nepal love you Jones Priyanka ❤️and ellen

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  • Superb 🤩 well singed song 🤧🇮🇳(india)

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  • Awesome song😍

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  • Twice was better the that’s great too

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