Lady A Performs 'What a Song Can Do'

Joylandi 6-Iyl, 2021
Country stars Lady A perform "What a Song Can Do."


  • This is such an amazing song! Can't get enough of it!

  • Where i can see the full show, can someone please tell me

  • This is not LADY A. Lady A is a R&B singer. Don't steal her name.

  • Their music has helped me in a very dark time in my life!

  • I love this song, performance and especially love them sooooo much! They always do amazing when they perform! I love their vocals so much and I’m so excited to see them live for the first time!!!💖💖🌻🌻

  • What happened? Did Antebellum sue them?

  • Three incredibly talented & sweet people. Been a fan since early 2008 and always will be one.

  • I love Charles vibes here.

  • Another great performance from the Ellen show...

  • Who is guest hosting Ellen degeneres this week

  • I'm Addicted To Lady A

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  • They Should've Just Been Called Lady A But Always Remember Anita White Also Lady A But I Really Love Them

  • Despite their name change, they should've always been Lady A, because even before I called them Lady A. I'm still a loyal fan, because I was a fan ever since Need You Now came out.

  • Beautiful performance

  • best county band ever 2021 yay love this new album

  • ❣️❣️🎶

  • Lady Antebellum right ? Did they changed the name or its always been Lady A ?

  • Name thieves!

  • Love this song you Guys rock

  • And also this was posted two hours ago and only 65 likes and 11 comments, Ellen sure has hit the gutter these past couple years.

  • Ever since they changed there name from Lady Antebellum to Lady A I no longer listen to them. I wonder how much the name change hurt them in the pocket book and fans.

    • You no longer listen to them, but yet here you are. 🤔

  • You go guys 👏

  • Hi Ellen

  • BoooOoOoOooo. Change your name! It’s already taken! Boo on the Ellen show for inviting them.

    • @BJ C they have not trademarked this name for years. She has had for years and trademarked it as well as have merchandise using the name. They wanted to use it and offered to buy it. She asked for that price knowing that they would not pay it.

    • They have had that name trademarked and have used the name for years and years. This other woman with no legal claim spoke up and they agreed to perform a song together! And then this woman asked for 10 Million dollars. Lol. So, you are right, this name was legally taken. By the band.

  • Love this group.

  • This isn't Lady A.

    • @Monica Carter Lol! Looks like that's exactly what they're doing.

    • @Matty H they attempted to change the name. It is already used and trademarked by the blues singer. So they can't just use it as if it belongs to them.

    • @BJ C This is not Lady A, this name has been used by a blues singer for years. They tried to buy it from her, so she gave them a price and they didn't want to pay it. You can't take a trademarked name and just start using it.

    • @Rachel Snyder well, the band has had the official trademark for ‘Lady A’ for many, many years. When this other woman started speaking up, they both agreed to do a song together....and then this woman asked for 10 Million dollars. If this woman wanted her professional name she should have registered it. She didn’t. She also is not very well known and since there is very little chance of them getting confused with each other, the woman has zero legal claim. Zero. The band was very accommodating, but we can’t expect them to simply take being extorted.

    • They changed their name to Lady A, so your opinion aside; this is Lady A.