Talking the Birds & the Bees

Joylandi 8-Iyl, 2021
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  • Twitch is right. Black families don't pretty it up with us. They get straight to the point

  • Hi ellen

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  • That's interesting 😜😂🤭

  • conan is king forever

  • Ellan Super funny

  • I thought she retired???

  • Wow Ellen way to allow Kris to deadname Caitlin. Even if you're referring to a person in the past time before they changed their name use their current name. Not the name they used "at the time". Their current name is enough. Yeesh. Caitlin sucks MAJORLY AND I CANNOT STAND HER. But I can't accept even one person being deadnamed

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  • Yay, health class!

  • It was funny till the last one I cant stand the kardashians

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  • It had to be a kartrashian who gives a nasty comment about it

  • I love the Ellen show...

  • people still watch this woman?

    • @Happy Bear if you're on a person's page you don't like, you're watching their video. Otherwise you wouldn't be on their page.

    • A wooping 30.000 out of 37 million subscribers so far.

    • R.R just Bc you comment something doesn’t mean you watch it

    • Obviously you do too to make a comment on HER channel. 🙄

  • my parents never talk about it, but only mentioned about being pregnant with me and my sister

  • oomph you do nOt wanna be under your parents' bed when they make them birds and bees chirp 🤣😭

  • Hi guys

  • I thought it was about talking to birds and bees and understanding their chirps ams buzzes 😂

    • Same 😂

  • sub gamrdude2 on yt

  • Bruce at the time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Second.

  • Reference to Dean Martin!

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